François Ribeiro: to Prevent the support of producers in WTCR will be hard

Франсуа Рибейро: Помешать поддержке производителей в WTCR будет тяжело

Chapter Eurosport Events françois Ribeiro admitted that in WTCR will be very hard to control the connection of commands with manufacturers and try to stick to the concept of the championship for privateers.

In a new series based on WTCC and TCR will allow the participation of the factory teams, but the support of the world’s automakers such as Honda and Voklwagen, still can not avoid.

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“It is very difficult to prevent the automaker to support a private team, said Ribeiro, in an interview with TouringCarTimes. – If the group wants to have a privileged relationship with the team, giving the car drivers and engineers, to prevent it not easy. It is obvious that such precedents already were in the TCR International series, although it was not a manufacturers championship.

I understand that this will continue. But the rules should remain below, say, the ALL-INKL came with Rob Huff in WTCR next year and joined in the battle for the title.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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