Eugene Malinowski: WTCR will destroy Lottie created the idea

Евгений Малиновский: WTCR разрушит созданную Лотти идею

The head of LUKOIL Racing Eugene Malinowski commented on the Association of series WTCC and TCR and shared his thoughts about the challenges that await the new world Cup WTCR.

“We have closely followed the development of events, because the Association of the TCR and the WTCC is what would happen. Nobody needs to at the same time, there were two touring competitions, consuming each other’s attention racers and the media. WTCR was to combine the strengths of TCR and WTCC. But the concept actually destroys created by Marcello Lotti idea – said Malinowski in an interview . – In the new season, car makers will informally begin to play an increasingly important role in order to achieve success. In the near future this will lead to increased costs for participation in the TCR International series to two or three times.

Details of the technical regulation of TCR

Teams will have to conduct more tests, races, buy more tires and to pay large entry fees. Spending growth will be associated and services of FIA homologation, installation, control systems, etc. These costs will be borne by the teams, so we can forget about the championship, in which private teams with private drivers will be able to find the budget.

It can be good in the first stage, françois Ribeiro, because he will revive the almost deceased because of the need to seek bigger budgets in the League. On the other hand, it is unclear how the producers will have enough interest in permanent investment. I think the organizers WTCR rely on the fact that the former world Cup participants, accustomed to large expenditures, the budgets for the new season did not seem so high. But in fact, costs decrease just for buying a new car, the other will increase. And in the Touring championship Eurosport Events and so to a different extent helped to almost all traders.

Oleg Petrikov: We consider a variant of the stage WTCR in Russia

Definitely good that Eurosport Events will continue to promote the Championships, including competition broadcast on one of the largest sports channels, but I think we all remember the words of Mr. Ribeiro, who during the WTCC said that the budget of a factory team with two cars must be at least 8 million euros. As you can see, this concept did not live long.

I hope that this time the promoter will be able to avoid a situation where the French are “friends” with the French to defeat, and the opportunity to be equal will have all brands of cars.

As for private sponsors, such as us, we can become one of the sponsors of the top teams, but a major participant and investor in the project, naturally, we will not.”

As in the Russian circuit racing series presented Lada Vesta TCR, addressed to Vladislav Nezvankina with the question of possible participation in the new League WTCR. Development Director at Lada Sport said it had no plans in this direction at the company yet.

Евгений Малиновский: WTCR разрушит созданную Лотти идею

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