Sirotkin, Petrov, Orudzhev and Isaakyan tested BR1 in Portugal

Сироткин, Петров, Исаакян и Оруджев протестировали BR1 в Португалии

In preparation for the upcoming “supercasino” of the world championship on races on endurance FIA WEC 2018-2019 on the Portuguese track in Portimao completed a three-day test of the first Russian prototype class LMP1 endurance BR1.

In tests participated the pilots of the program of development of Russian Motorsport SMP Racing’s Sergey Sirotkin and Vitaly Petrov, Egor Orudzhev and Matevos Isaakyan.

“It was my first experience on the prototype class LMP1, – Orujev said in comments to the official website of SMP Racing. – Car is very fast. It is very different from the LMP2 car on which we were driving this season in the European series of Le Mans, “sharper” in the administration.

We worked on the track from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. is uneasy, but very interesting. Our Matevos task was to work with the suspension settings and to prepare the prototype to the testing program of endurance”.

Сироткин, Петров, Исаакян и Оруджев протестировали BR1 в Португалии

The races were held in conditions close to the fighting. The car was on the road for 12 hours over all three test days. The prototype was tested in various modes, from short sessions to long lines and night racing.

The objective of SMP Racing pilots was to test it in different conditions, with different settings, and to obtain maximum information about his behavior on the track. During the tests were collected a large amount of data that will be used by the team engineers to set up the prototype for performances in the WEC.

“Hosted third prototype BR1, – summed up the results of tests Vitaly Petrov. The first trial, then there was a test in Aragon before the presentation of the car in Bahrain and now in Portimao.

The main objective was to drive as many miles in combat mode, to identify possible shortcomings and to validate the operation of all systems and assemblies.

In addition, we were joined by young pilots SMP Racing programme Egor Orudzhev and Matevos Isaakyan, who played this season in a series of ELMS LMP2 prototype. Their main task was to get acquainted with the prototype and try it out.

We still have a lot of work with the machine, to finally adjust to the ride was comfortable and fast. Now we are waiting for the beginning of next year, at the first opportunity to get back on track and start training the prototype for the first phase of superstone FIA WEC 2018-2019″.

Сироткин, Петров, Исаакян и Оруджев протестировали BR1 в Португалии

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