The engineer-designer from Russia surprised everyone at Dallara

Инженер-конструктор из России удивил всех в Dallara

A young engineer Artem Basyrov, graduated from the Moscow Polytechnic University, went to a lecture by MADI technical Manager of the Italian company Dallara Luke Pinaki completely random, hard to take time off from work. The designer education and designer in the shower, he designed lights and adjust BR1 prototype for endurance racing.

In Bahrain, the presentation of the Russian prototype BR1

“When I learned about the lecture in MADI, I realized that you can not miss this chance impossible, – has told Artem in an interview at the final stage of the WEC in Bahrain. The class was interesting, but I was surprised that in the end we gave the job – think of the lights or the air duct to passenger compartment, that the pilot was not as hot during long races.

I couldn’t believe his ears that one who best cope, will go to Italy to the factory Dallara. I decided to stay on the headlights, so as to simulate the duct is not very difficult, but mistakes need a powerful computer, which I do not. I drew sketches of the three weeks, did more than just images, and integrated the headlights into the car body, the housing draw, all the cogs.

My idea, and I went to Italy. At Dallara we simply conducted a tour of the plant, but I did not go for this – I would like to work. So I got the Dallara engineers to give me another assignment, and they gave. It was necessary to consider adjustment to my headlights. I two days did everything. First drew a 3D concept of these adjustments, and then I said – the idea is certainly cool, but it must facilitate at least two times. I facilitated five”.

Lights on the BR1 prototype, which was presented in Bahrain on the evening of 17 November, the same. They certainly were some design adaptation, but the design and adjustment concept Bazarova.

“Such a chance comes once in a lifetime, and I believe that Russian engineers can be helpful in such matters as the creation of racing cars. I still believe that I designed a real element of the car, which the racers will compete in the legendary race “24 hours Le Mana”. Thanks to the company BR Engineering for the amazing opportunity and invaluable experience”, – said Artem.

Инженер-конструктор из России удивил всех в Dallara

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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