Mikhail Alyoshin We will teach BR1 to drive very fast

Михаил Алешин: Мы научим BR1 ездить очень быстро

One of the first pilots who got behind the wheel of a prototype BR1, presented on Saturday in Bahrain, was Mikhail Alyoshin. He told that feels racer, driving a brand new car, and how to teach her to ride fast.

In Bahrain, the presentation of the Russian prototype BR1

“Of course it feels fantastic. This is the most important technique that I’ve ever led. Indycar, though faster, but it is quite comparable things started with a pilot of SMP Racing programme. – When you sit behind the wheel of a car, which nobody managed, you know that you have the opportunity to teach him to ride. Are you looking for approaches to this machine, you configure it as a musical instrument.

This is a very valuable work for engineers and drivers, because very few people are able to work with brand new machines. Such experience is invaluable.

And how was the tests?
M. A.: the Car was tested in Italy and Spain on the famous tracks that are kept secret. On average, the tests pass so that on the day you run 500 kilometers. Approximately 100 laps. And this machine is not a test the day passed.

What maximum speed have managed to develop?
M. A.: With a maximum level of downforce on the track, which is not very long final straight, the car was traveling 330 miles per hour. This suggests that at Le Mans, for example, where long straight and fast the body kit, the car quietly up to 350.

Михаил Алешин: Мы научим BR1 ездить очень быстро

With the speed clear: the machine is fast, and comfortable whether it’s inside? Think about ergonomics when designing race cars?
M. A.: I Can say that the layout of the buttons in the “salon” BR1 thought to me personally, and tests showed that everything is cool. Unlike competitors, we can at least see the buttons and not touch something they push So that the machine is well thought out, did not at the last moment. It’s only November and it already goes with might and main, and before the start of the next season is still many miles will nacetem. To work with such a machine is a pleasure.

The engineer-designer from Russia surprised everyone at Dallara

What is the main task facing the test-pilots now?
M. A.: our task Now is to spend as much time behind the wheel, to detect the different nuances, to work with the settings, because even in the ideal technique is always better. I am sure that next season prototype BR1 compete with rivals.

Михаил Алешин: Мы научим BR1 ездить очень быстро

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