As of 2018, the class may appear GTE sprint

С 2018 года в классе GTE может появиться спринтерская гонка

C 2018 in the GTE Pro category of the world championship on races on endurance, you may receive a short qualifying race, according to AUTOSPORT.

The debate about raising the attractiveness of body class began after the arrival of the Ford last season and the announcement of the debut of BMW in the next year.

As stated by the Executive Director of the WEC, Gerard Neveu, one option is to conduct 60-minute race the day before the main six-hour marathon.

“We are considering the idea of GTE sprint on Saturday and believe that it would be quite interesting. But it is only an idea, will see what will decide the FIA, commented on the Neva. There are many issues, such as, for example, the number of participants and the points system.

Clear answers yet. We will discuss this at the end of the season, when go through the proper processes”.

Manufacturers involved in the category in GTE Pro, Ferrari, Porsche, Ford and Aston Martin – endorse the proposal.

“Anything that makes the race weekend more interesting for the fans, welcome. We are open to this idea but need to discuss details, said Vice-President of Porsche Motorsport Frank Walliser. – You need to remember that the WEC is not just a 24-hour race in Le Mans. We need to make the League more attractive. There are many items to discuss, such as the need to award double points at Le Mans”.

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