Thank you very much, helped us out. The results of the 11th stage of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”

Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

Rally-marathon “Dakar-2018” once again confirmed its unpredictable and even crazy character. The driver of the “KAMAZ-Master” Eduard Nikolaev dropped to second place in the overall standings, behind Villagra on 16 minutes, but after a penalty the Argentine the gap between the leaders is 67 seconds.


Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

For the third year in a row at the Dakar SUVs, motorcycles and trucks started together in the manner determined by the time at the previous stage. While the Argentine province of La Rioja, is invariably present in the route of the South American rally-RAID 2009, became the scene of the second marathon stage for the bikers who are after the finish arrived on a private gated bivouac.

The main thing

Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

Dutchman Bernard ten Brink, who returned to the Dakar after missing a rally in 2017, finally achieved a deserved result. Racer Overdrive Toyota in the previous days demonstrated an enviable stability, completing all the stages in the top ten, and now celebrated the victory and left behind the trio of Peugeot, led by Cyril despres. In the overall standings of radical change did not happen – Carlos Sainz finished third and continues to lead with a time advantage.

In the motorcycle category also preserved the status quo – Matthias Walkner avoided unnecessary risk and lost to the winner, the KTM teammate Toby price, on 11 minutes, but in the General classification, still has a stock of more than half an hour.

The best among the quads the second stage in a row became the Argentine Nicolas Cavigliasso, which showed rivals how to drive on local roads. At the finish line ahead at 15 minutes of the leader Ignacio Casale.

In the category of trucks the first victory at stages “Dakar” was won by Belarusian rider Sergei Vyazovich on “MAZ”, thoroughly securing third place in the overall standings, the leader of which was replaced for the first time in the second phase. On 83-m kilometre the car Eduard Nikolaev broke a suspension gimbal. As told the press service of “KAMAZ-Master”, to assist the flight crew stopped Ayrat Mardeev, with the truck which was removed the driveshaft and tires rotated on the car of Nikolaev. Both finished in the end of the top ten, losing to the winner by 42 and 55 minutes, respectively. The General classification is now led by Federico Villagra on Iveсo.

Performance of the day

Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

Looks like Federico Villagra decide to take the “KAMAZ-Master” stability. Eight of the ten rounds of the Argentine racer has not finished below second place, and at the finish of the special stage to Chilecito took the lead. Initially, its advantage over Nikolayev was 16 minutes, but after the fine crew Iveco torn limiting strap on the suspension, the gap was reduced to one minute.

Crushing blow

That year on “Dakar” Joan Barreda Board confirms the law: if something bad can happen it will happen. At separate stages of the Spanish rider was out of competition and won three. Four days before the finish in Cordoba it was the Honda rider was the closest pursuer Mattias Walkner in the overall standings. But, alas, to continue the race the Spaniard was unable – because of a knee injury received a couple of stages ago, he was forced to withdraw from the race.

Statistics of the day

Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

A trio of racers, Peugeot has demonstrated an interesting strategy on the 11th stage. Cyril despres, Carlos Sainz and Stephane Peterhansel finished within 15 seconds after 280 miles of the race! In fact, despres and Peterhansel has shared some 270 metres.

Quote of the day

Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

Evgeny Yakovlev, the Navigator of the crew Eduard Nikolaev: “In the beginning and at the end of the special stage was a sandy road, winding and with a large number of dry branches and trees. I have not seen this before. The whole field of extinct trees. Right here we struck the wheel. Well and further to 83 km in the rocky trial, crossing the line,touched razdatkoy stone. Milimetrov thirty is not enough. He was sticking out of the ground and pulled rasgado. Vehicle weight is large, and 50 millimeters on the transfer case moved back. Stretched cardan suspension. Started vibration. Well after driving Ayrat Mardeev. Used his car as a donor. I thank them very much, helped us out. 6 km to go, unfortunately, again on dry branches ran, broke the wheel. The paging could not cope. I had to change. Spent about 7 minutes.”

Change the route for the 12th stage

Small changes were made to the route for motorcycles and quads. They will not go on separate ways in the first half of the stage will start after the participants of the category of SUVs.

Спасибо большое, выручили нас. Итоги 11-го этапа ралли-марафона «Дакар-2018»

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