Sergey Karjakin: Such a difficult start of “Dakar” it was not long ago

Сергей Карякин: Такого сложного начала «Дакара» не было давно

Russian rider Sergey Karyakin shared his impressions from the fourth stage, which won its first victory during the “Dakar-2018”.

The reigning champion in the category of Quad 43 seconds ahead of overall leader and winner of the previous three days of Ignacio Casale.

“Serious “Dakar”! It was a very difficult special stage, the last miles I was sick! – Karyakin wrote on his page in Facebook. Very sore muscles, because the whole stage had to ride standing up – or rocks, or sand. A lot of retirements. Perhaps, such a complex beginning of “Dakar” it was not long ago, and he is not so much long, how many really heavy. All that can be got together, gathered all kinds of surfaces, large rocks, sand, rocky roads, mountain trails.

It was difficult to show a good time. I have the stage won, but played quite a bit. Of course, you need to fight any further, I included in my rhythm, and my second week has always been more successful than the first. I think I’ll have time to roll, feel the rhythm and be able to go faster. Yet do not, because elementary before. Play the same strategy it makes no sense, because yesterday I lost a lot of time.

I loved the mass start, and I have it in the mountains won. Several of the riders were ahead of me, and we went along for a long time on the beach. They then overtook me, as their maximum speed is higher, but in the dunes they were driving behind me.

As for navigation, there were points that were far away from the grooved channel: drive, and the point is not, you need to turn right or left, to go and take a point. But many who flew and looked in the road book, missing mark, then get a penalty and lose their positions. So I tried to be as careful when reading the legend. Once left for about 1,5 km there is so much shaken that I did not have time to read the information from roadbike and lost a couple of minutes. Try to protect yourself and the equipment, ATV, though it’s only 1.5 thousand km and looks like he is 10!”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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