Sergey Karjakin: Quad bike survived, but my bones – no

Сергей Карякин: Квадроцикл выдержал, а мои кости – нет

On “Dakar-2018” the Russian party category, the ATV tested not only Peruvian dunes, equipment, but their bones. Letev the dune, Sergey Karjakin understand that just because it’s over, but believed that it would break the ATV, bent the traction or something. But in the end machinery had broken hands. As provide medical assistance in the field of the most famous rally-RAID of the planet, the athlete said

“I tried to go on, but when I took my glove off I saw that the hand of the hump stood up. Realized that got broken, immediately called for a helicopter. Got the phone. Right hand at that time practically did not work. In his left hand, then as it turned out, was a crack in the joint, I also got a subluxation of the left shoulder. So blow, in fact, was very strong. The doctors said that I was so lucky to get away with such minor injuries, because he could be breaking the hand bones fracture of joint, started Sergey.

After the fall I’m somewhere half an hour waiting for the helicopter. When the doctors came and started to ask all sorts of “stupid” questions to understand whether there is a head injury or internal bleeding. Then I was put on a drip. About 45 minutes later I anesthetized. Injected morphine, but it did not help me. It turned out, my body is quite immune to it. When I set the bone, put a bigger dose, I fell asleep, but I never passed out. I was conscious, it was very painful.

Then the helicopter brought me to CP1, the point of the passage. I’m about an hour sat on a chair near the road, watching the race and waiting until they decide what to do next. In total, I spent somewhere around three hours, then I was taken by ambulance to the city where was located the previous bivouac.

They told me that will need surgery. I was very upset because it meant that I would go home all bandaged, tortured. But when x-rayed, told that I was very lucky, I got a displaced fracture of the radial bone – the operation is not needed”.

All this happened in a city hospital?
S. K.: No, at the medical center in the camp. They have their own x-rays. They looked, said, “Oh, man, you are so lucky”. The girl came to the doctor – she’s in Germany works – put lagetko and sent home, that is to the team.

And when it became clear that the left hand is also injured?
S. K.: When the right hand started to hurt less after a day or two made itself felt left – blue all over. I realized that something was wrong, and went for x-rays. Was discovered a crack in the elbow joint.

And shoulder?
S. K.: Then, when the hands began to hurt less, he started to hurt the shoulder. Two days I could not sleep. I was diagnosed with subluxation of the shoulder, shook him. In General, once a week, I suffered with such pains. Up for a week. I was given painkillers – weak and strong. I drank weak, and proved stronger narcotic. When we were loading the equipment on the return ferry to Le Havre, in the car found these two pills. Arrived twenty people with dogs, cameras. Made just whole car, all sorted out. Took the pills, but was released…

Сергей Карякин: Квадроцикл выдержал, а мои кости – нет

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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