Sergey Karjakin: five times to overtake Casale, but now I don’t need it

Сергей Карякин: Мог раз пять обогнать Касале, но сейчас мне это не нужно

Russian rider Sergey Karjakin commented on his performance in the second stage of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”.

As at the initial stage, the current winner in the category of ATVs showed the second time, behind the Chilean Ignacio Casale, but acknowledges that he was not going to overtake him.

“A difficult day. Had to drive only 270 miles away, but it was very difficult, – said Karjakin in his video blog on Facebook. – It was especially hard to reach the first gas station is 220 km away. I hardly have enough fuel, quadrics began to “sneeze” has 10 km before refueling. It was solid sand, roads or cm roads. Shaking madly, I have fallen off the plastic lantern which weighs nothing. Stuffed hands, lower back…

Do not give in to false feelings. The results of the second day of the “Dakar-2018”

Monday promise a route without the stones, but will still Sands, Sands, Sands. In General, I’m ready, food pretty good and happy with the result. I five times have caught up with Ignacio Casale, but didn’t want to overtake him, now I absolutely don’t need. I see his pace and got in the pace. Trying to keep up with any rider to show me the way to the dunes, where a sharp descent, where the contrary. This reduces the risk as much as possible. In General, the food so as not to take risks and to enjoy special.”

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