Sergey Karjakin: “Dakar-2019” want to ride the buggy

Сергей Карякин: «Дакар-2019» хочу проехать на багги

The reigning Dakar winner in the category of ATVs Sergey Karjakin in interview ProF1Show said that he would like to drive the legendary marathon in the buggy, and also about his profession.

“As a child I always wanted a motorcycle, but the parents gave the ATV. Felt that it was safer, – says Sergey. – I’m an engineer-designer of gas turbine systems. This specialty helps me in technical sports. My ATV is my contribution as an engineer.

In Russia, I actively speak on the buggy. Recently participated in the world championship and won the race in Morocco, which is very complex and is considered the prologue of the Dakar. In 2019 I would like to drive the buggy”.

Who will fight Sergey Karjakin at the “Dakar-2018”?

On the question of what is the most difficult on the Dakar, Sergey Karjakin said, “Find the budget! But from a sporting point of view it is difficult to maintain concentration throughout the 14 days. This is two weeks of the race, with four in the morning until seven in the evening. Tired not only physically but also mentally. You need to be mentally strong to fight with the opponents.”

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