Sergei Vyazovich: “Dakar” is not just a race but a test

Сергей Вязович: «Дакар» – это не просто гонка, а испытание

The pilot of the team MAZ-SPORTauto Sergei Vyazovich said his ninth place in the fourth stage of “Dakar-2018” and climbing to the third position in the General classification of trucks.

“The stage started for us with a fresh start – we came out on the stage with Alexey Vishnevsky and then I had a stop in 35 minutes on the first kilometer. I have included the eighth transmission broke and I forced the pipe, – quotes the official site Vyazovich G-Energy. During the replacement I saw that on the second is also already a strain, and I had to change both. Access to this area of repair is not very good and had to lift the cab.

This all took time… We assisted the crew of Alexander Vasilevsky, the mechanic helped him to do the repair to make it faster. Next, we already went “slowly catching up” – carefully, to walk through the area in the rocks with no punctures.

Neither the pilot will not give any guarantees whether it will be tomorrow at the finish at all. Because “the roof caught” all the top pilots: Mardeev, centurions, Genugten, Loprais, but about the guys not in the top ten I don’t even speak – everything tumbles. Only this day we have a minimum of five times was on the verge of a coup, as the sand was so soft and the hook was not.

The last 100 kilometers of the distance in the sand was the most difficult. Not only that, the dunes are to the slopes, they are still littered with “traps” – craters, cliffs, sandy. The truck to tighten.

With the adventures we had on this day, the third place in the General classification would have given the team. Although I believe that the “Dakar” should be like that – it’s not just a race, but a test for man, for machinery”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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