Semyon Yakubov: Honored, heavy, but very expensive victory of “KAMAZ-Master”

Семён Якубов: Заслуженная, тяжелая, но очень дорогая победа «КАМАЗ-Мастер»

The founder of the “KAMAZ-Master” Simeon Yakubov commented on the success of the national team for the 15th time in its history, won the rally-marathon “Dakar”.

“KAMAZ-Master” in 15-th time won the rally-marathon “Dakar”, “MAZ” on the podium

“This year the race was not an example of hard and from the point of view of the road, and the point of view of competition, – said Yakubov in his interview to “R-Sport”. – Honestly, I don’t remember that voltage, so the victory is doubly valuable. Moreover, this year not only 40 years of “Dakar”, but 30 years of “KAMAZ-Master”, and the victory is the 15th in the history of our team, that is solid anniversaries.

Honored, heavy, but very expensive victory, which was needed more than ever. The race was unpredictable until the last moment, the chances were many, but for most of the race has developed unsuccessfully. Attribute this to the fact that the organizers finally found in Latin America, the track that corresponds to the name “Dakar”, which we saw in Africa. Apparently, the athletes relaxed in recent years with the not-quite challenging runs. But Marc Coma found the track, which was a surprise for everyone.”

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