Ivan Satarov will not be able to continue “Dakar-2018” due to a back injury

Иван Шихотаров не сможет продолжить «Дакар-2018» из-за травмы спины

The crew of the Russian team Konturterm Racing consisting of pilot Ivan Satarov and Navigator Oleg Uperenko forced to withdraw from the “Dakar-2018” due to a back injury Sichtarova.

“On the fourth special stage over 140 km before the finish the car Sichtarova Ivan and Oleg, Uperenko at high speed compression was in the pit, the car was damaged, but remained on the move, reported in the official team profile Konturterm Racing in Facebook. Ivan felt an intense pain in the back, but managed together with Oleg to inspect the car to continue the race and complete the stage.

But at the finish to get out of the car the crew was not able to. After an initial examination it was decided to transfer Ivan to the medical staff.

The subsequent verdict of the doctors in the accident are suspected spine injury. The race Ivan to continue can not. Health Oleg Uperenko is not in danger, hospitalization he needs. Tomorrow the team will solve the question of early sending of Ivan home.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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