“It is unusual to experience our Russian cold is hot in Argentina.” Secret weapon “KAMAZ-Master”

«Непривычно ощущать наш русский холод в жаркой Аргентине». Секретное оружие «КАМАЗ-Мастер»

In the next edition of the video diary “travelogue” team “KAMAZ-Master” spoke about the mobile device the rest of the crew after special stages, and secret weapon of the “Blue Armada” at the bivouac.

The motorhome, as they say in Formula 1, is a fairly comfortable room with a kitchen, a shower room and a separate compartment for the riders, mechanics and navigators.

“Has everything for a comfortable living,” showed the winner of “Dakar-2015” Ayrat Mardeev.

In the second part of the story team introduced the process of cryotherapy, by which racers, mechanics and navigators recover after a grueling stages.

“Cryotherapy is a common method of healing the body. Its essence lies in the fact that at the same time on the body exposed to low and ultra-low temperature, – tells a press-attache of the team “KAMAZ-Master” Eric Khayrullin. – The body has a powerful immune and hormonal response that leads to regeneration and restoration of body tissues to be ready for new challenges on the track “Dakar”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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