Eduard Nikolaev: We lost five minutes in the sand and another minute to navigate

Эдуард Николаев: Мы потеряли пять минут в песках и еще минуту на навигации

The leader of the truck category, Eduard Nikolaev told about how his crew was the third day of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”.

The defending winner finished second, losing 35 seconds to the owner of the best time Federico Villagra on the Iveco.

“We lost the first five minutes – a bit stalled in the sand, and then about a minute of navigation, – said Nikolaev in interview to the press service of “KAMAZ-Master”. – First search the way, I got distracted and at high pressure entered the Sands, very loose, as the Moorish. The pressure was 3.5 atmospheres, and to one down, just need three minutes. Pulled and checked out. Prevented started early jeeps and ATVs, but overall interesting and a working stage”.

The last of the representatives of “KAMAZ-Master” at the finish came Dmitry Sotnikov, who became the 15th and conceded the Villagra a minute.

“We drove to the dunes. Quite difficult, steep and frequent, – said the winner of the “silk Road-2017”. – We have seen that ahead of Tatra, can’t take the dunes. Tried to avoid this place. Came in very sharp sand pit and just cabin rested in the sand. Most likely it was the cause of the failure of the fan drive, apparently due to hitting the sand.

Overall the car goes well. Occasionally there are losses of power, trying to debug your program the engine control. Nothing to complain about. The situation today was certainly not due to the engine”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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