Eduard Nikolaev: In the second stage we lost in the dunes for about two minutes

Эдуард Николаев: На втором этапе мы потеряли в дюнах около двух минут

The driver of the “KAMAZ-Master” Eduard Nikolaev told about how for him was the second day of the “Dakar-2018”.

The current winner in the category of trucks came to the finish line of the annular first stage with an advantage of three minutes, but no problem has not done.

Do not give in to false feelings. The results of the second day of the “Dakar-2018”

“After the standing start caught up with Martin van Den brink. It is not clear what it was – maybe was beaded, quoted Nikolaev, the press service of “KAMAZ-Master”. – Almost 100-kilometer was Sands. Not to say insurmountable – rather on the vigilance. Dune curves, skew: it is important to avoid the mistake in time pressure to adjust, in time’s include. Got into a big funnel. Didn’t notice all mixed in the sand. So it was hard not to get into it. Left her the third time. The structure of sand is unique. Lowland hard, and the pitches of the funnel – inflated snow. Here we are about two minutes lost. Then caught up with the InstaForex Loprais. Just dunes began to alternate with rigid portions. In the dunes we caught up, and the hard road he drove fast and cut-the cut caught up with us. Before the finish there was a slight hiccup with the navigation capture point”.

Эдуард Николаев: На втором этапе мы потеряли в дюнах около двух минут

The other racers “KAMAZ” was, unfortunately, the less fortunate. In the dunes at the 68th kilometer of the highway “lay on its side,” the crew of Ayrat Mardeev. To the rescue of teammates came Anton Shibalov’s crew.

“In the beginning of the stage all went well. Although many crews were stuck and it was difficult to go between them. Then I saw the car of Anton Shibalov, stuck in an awkward place. Fortunately, I saw it in advance, otherwise you can be to him on the roof to land. Got the ladders. Inconvenient place but pulled. Lost about 20 minutes – said Ayrat. – Then I reached this ill-fated crater, is very deep. A lot of jeeps, trucks, motorcyclists got caught in it. Helicopters circled. Everything in it was not. In the normal trajectory to drive it. Very loose sand. Jeeps are all plowed. Found a good trajectory has risen, but the top was stuck in the jeep, started walking away from him to the right and already on the slope wanted to cross the dune. I knew what I was doing and was in control of the car. But when the snow machine fell on her side”.

Finishing ninth Dmitry Sotnikov added: “the stage Began, I saw that Anton Shibalov’s crew “sitting”. This place was a loose slope, He apparently passed backwards and rested. Pulled up, pulled. Then began the so-called butting acute unpleasant dunney. Twice stood up. Then I got into a huge funnel in diameter of several kilometers. To leave was very difficult. Pulled the wheel up to 1.5 atmospheres. Several unsuccessful attempts made to leave. Then a little cooled the motor, this helped to gain the required power, still popped. At the end of the immediately took the next checkpoint, passed a few meters to the left of the track point did not take and had to return. The invisible point. Here, everything circled is largely a matter of luck. In General, everything is fine. Motor is a bit lacking in the dunes. Especially when the temperature rises, so you have got to come to it”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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