Eduard Nikolaev: At some point I thought that the “Dakar” for our crew ended

Эдуард Николаев: В какой-то момент я думал, что «Дакар» для нашего экипажа закончился

The pilot of KAMAZ-Master Eduard Nikolayev commented on the results of the tenth stage “Dakar-2018” from Salta in Belem, which is his advantage in the overall standings trucks from Federico Villagra decreased in two times. Now Edward is ahead of Messi on 24 minutes.

The kind of day you want to forget. The results of the tenth stage of the rally-marathon “Dakar-2018”

“Dakar” is not light, – said Nikolaev. – Once again convinced of this. I thought the coup on its side on the fifth stage will be the main test. But it’s actually not.

We had a very serious breakdown of the front gear, and at some point I thought “Dakar” for our crew over.

Fortunately, our mechanic Vladimir Rybakov suggested that the need to include the front mikolasko lock, maybe it will save the gear from final destruction. It really helped, although with the included lock, of course, not the pace.

Riding on the sounds. Had to listen to the transmission, not to perezagruzit. The car hasn’t hit the turns. Hooked two wheels on a rock. The crew of Dima Sotnikov helped us. Thank you to them.

The second SU was more sandy. It was good for us – gear lock did not suffer so much. It was hard to steer. Very clogged hands. The opponents are very fast. It seems to me, Villagra in some areas superior to Gerard De Rooy, he is a very strong opponent.”

The pilot of crew No. 507 Ayrat Mardeev, occupying fifth place in the standings trucks, added: “Long day, exhausting. A lot of off-road. Very fast team IVECO.

I did not expect, frankly, from Villagra and especially from Genugten. It is seen that in many places he is risking. But his car fails to finish. It is very hard to fight it.

We broke a wheel on the first half. Changed a very long time. The soil is very soft, I had to get two jacks, ladders, jacks, not to have gone underground. Stopped even the crew of Anton Shibalov. His crew helped us.

Then “ended” the generator. Went without charging, turn off all fans, lights. To “neutralize” the guys quickly changed the generator. Went on. But only got started, again the generator is out of order. Went again without fans, without lights.

Taxiing was a lot, a lot of off-road, all was wet. Besides, it was getting dark. Knowing that the roads our chance, we tried to attack to the last.”

Эдуард Николаев: В какой-то момент я думал, что «Дакар» для нашего экипажа закончился

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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