Who is going to stop the “KAMAZ-Master” on the way to the 15-th victory?

Кто собирается остановить «КАМАЗ-Мастер» на пути к 15-й победе?

At the jubilee 40th “Dakar” Russian team “KAMAZ-Master”, which celebrates 2018 30 years of glorious history, will compete for the 15-th victory in the main rally-RAID of the planet. Official site of the famous marathon presented those who are able to challenge the “Blue Armada” on the way from Peru to Argentina in January next year…

Over the past 16 years winning series of “KAMAZ” was interrupted only three times: in 2007, 2012 and 2016. Breaking the record of the Czech Karel Loprais and after winning the seventh victory in “Dakar” in 2011, “King”, so named Vladimir Chagin at the bivouac, left his throne, but a generational change in the team from Naberezhnye Chelny has passed almost painlessly. In 2013 Eduard Nikolaev – the heir Chagin, who was named “Prince” – climbed to the top of the podium, and in 2017 and repeated this success.

“My personal preparation for “Dakar-2018″ began the next day after the finish of 2017. It’s true, I’m not exaggerating, says the current winner of the legendary marathon Nikolaev. – I believe that to win even easier than to keep the result. With this, our crew faced in 2013. Of course, now we have more experience than then and we will try to retain our title of Champions. During the year we have had active practice, we also worked on the improvement of machines and focused on his own physical preparation.”

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Two more wins “KAMAZ” has brought Andrey karginov and Ayrat Mardeev in 2014 and 2015. And last year’s “Dakar” came another star from Naberezhnye Chelny Dmitry Sotnikov, who finished on great second place.

There is no doubt that “KAMAZ” – is a formidable force, this team are very worthy athletes. But on the way to the 15th anniversary of the victory awaits them serious competition.

Кто собирается остановить «КАМАЗ-Мастер» на пути к 15-й победе?

Team De Rooy Iveco will try to win the team from Naberezhnye Chelny. Became the third in 2016 and the fourth in 2017, Federico Villagra is considered the rightful contender for the Golden Bedouin. It is the Argentine will become a leader of the Dutch team, and he is determined to climb the podium at home in Cordoba on January 20.

However, all who are closely watching the category of trucks, you know that the pursuers of KAMAZ and Iveco are not sitting idly by. A serious threat to both teams it will be the Czechs Aleix Loprais and Martin Kolomý, the speakers on the cars Tatra, but only for different teams. It is not necessary to write off the Dutchman’s Martin van den brink on a Renault (fourth place 2015 and two stage victories in 2017), and the Belarusian rider Aleksandr Vasilevsky on the “MAZ” (the sixth in 2017). At least for the podium, they just fight…

Hardly an Amateur team of Richard de Grotto will challenge the “KAMAZ-Master”, but the attention of fans to the red truck is guaranteed, because the crew consists of a professional fire cheering spectators along the roads are characteristic siren and flashing lights.

As in previous years, the most numerous nation in the category of trucks will Holland, the mission of which will strengthen mark LEU, returning to the Dakar for the first time since 2012.

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