Video: Triangle dead Mauritanian dunes at the “Dakar-1994”

Видео: Треугольник мертвых мавританских дюн на «Дакаре-1994»

Rally-RAID “Paris-Dakar-Paris” 1994 was the most memorable triangle dead dunes of Mauritania that had not previously crossed within the competition.

In front of the stage to Atar from Nouadhibou Citroen driver Pierre Lartigue was in the lead, and he needed only to reach the finish line, but all the SUVs stuck in the soft sand.

The video captures a dispute between two crews of the Citroen under the control of Lartigue and Hubert Auriol with the competition organisers: Pierre and Hubert criticized the race Director Girard Fenosa, insisted on the completion stage. Riders tried to prove the impossibility of overcoming the route within established time frames.

In the end, it was decided to neutralize the race at 246 km. Lartigue, Hubert and the others successfully made it to the bivouac, and two Mitsubishi crew Jean-Pierre Fontenay and Bruno Saby got so deep into the dunes that the organizers failed to get to them and inform about changes of the route.

After 30 hours exhausted Fontenay and Saby were the only one who got to the finish of the stage, but on arrival, they were waiting for the shocking news: the stage was canceled, and at the start of a new day they are late. Mitsubishi after this nothing remained but to withdraw from the race and final overall standings the first two places were taken by representatives of the Citroen Lartigue and Oriol.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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