“Silk way-2018” to be held back

«Шелковый путь-2018» пройдет в обратном направлении

On December 11 at a press conference in Moscow, the organizers of “silk Way-2018” announced that the route of the race next year will be significantly updated.

The eighth edition of the rally-marathon will first launch in China in XI’an on July 15 and finishes in Moscow on red Square on July 29.

Despite the changes, organizers of the “silk Road” try to match the motto – each race should be better than the previous one. One of the main tasks assigned by the leadership of the rally-marathon in front of a group of reconnaissance – reconnaissance of the route is the maximum reduction of the traffic tangles between high-speed special stages and finding interesting from a sporting point of view places on the route of the historic silk road.

“Reconnaissance took place from October to November, and the route will be completely different – there will be more mountains, there may even be places close to trial – said the head of security and the route of the rally-marathon Viktor Sokolov. We tried to get away from the fields so as not to interfere to grow crops”.

«Шелковый путь-2018» пройдет в обратном направлении

The final route will be made at the final reconnaissance, which will be held from April to may 2018.

In connection with the task of reducing Riazanov currently considering the possibility of using transport aircraft of large carrying capacity, to quickly move the rally attendees as well as crew support.

Also, the organizers decided to postpone the involvement of motorcycles in 2018 due to the major changes in the logistics structure of the race 2018.

The head of the international rally Vladimir Chagin said: “We are confident that the rally-marathon in 2018 will become will be an outstanding sporting event of international level, which will be interesting not only to the leading athletes and teams, but also millions of viewers around the world.”

It is worth noting that, according to the organizers, shared by the Director of advertising and marketing project Hope Chekunova, “the silk Road-2017” was covered by 55 of the world’s largest TV channels, which broadcast in 196 countries, and the total audience amounted to 2.5 billion people.

Also, answering one of the questions, Vladimir Chagin noted that the organizers will try to keep the entry fee for participants at the level of the previous year.

«Шелковый путь-2018» пройдет в обратном направлении

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