Video: McLaren mechanics disgraced when practicing pit stops on the tests

Видео: Как механики McLaren опозорились при отработке пит-стопов на тестах

Pre-season tests in Barcelona brought the McLaren fans is the much anticipated enthusiasm associated with prospects after the transition to the motors Renault, a sense of deep frustration and resentment for the once glorious team.

For five of the seven full days, not counting snow days in the first week, the team was forced to repair the car and lost precious time, as in previous years, becoming the last on the passed distance.

Eric bulge McLaren forgot how to build good racing cars

A number of technical problems, including repeated leaks of oil, failure of the turbine and loose exhaust pipe, once again proved that not so was the fault of the Honda mechanics in the troubles of McLaren in the previous three years.

But not only damage to the machine remember the tests in Barcelona for McLaren. At the end of the first hour of the first day from the car of McLaren fell off the rear right wheel, as explained in the team, it happened because of a defect with the nuts. But it is possible that the reason was elementary carelessness. At least after watching the two videos from the training of pit stops at McLaren formed this impression.

The starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia-2018 from Leo Turrini

The first video captures the confusion with the replacement of rear tires – even went to the point that the mechanic tried to put the wheel on the reverse. A second video shows the car falling from the Jack. And it’s all just practice pit stops…

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