The starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia-2018 from Leo Turrini

Стартовая решётка Гран При Австралии-2018 от Лео Туррини

The famous Italian blogger and journalist Leo Turrini, based on his impressions from pre-season tests in Barcelona, spoke about how he sees the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia, which on March 25 will open the season in 2018.

The margin between the teams of Formula 1 pre-season tests according to the GPS

“On the first row we see the Mercedes and Ferrari if Vettel will perform a miracle and overtake Bottas. Otherwise the first row will be for Mercedes, the second for Ferrari. Though perhaps the Red Bull Racing may try to drive a wedge between the pilots, of course, if the engine will allow, but the third row in any case for them Turrini writes in his blog. Next, the starting field will be on the Haas machine, which looks like a repainted SF70H, and Renault.

Williams is a mystery, because they have a nice car, but the pilots raises questions. Behind them on the starting field will be Toro Rosso with a Honda motor, which finally… (Oh, Fernando…)

The starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia-2017 from Leo Turrini

Well, in a scattered manner in the three last rows will be the racers Force India, Sauber and McLaren. The latter look a laughing stock – they seem to have forgotten how to build good cars.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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