Tatiana Calderon: Never had a physical barrier in the race

Татьяна Кальдерон: Никогда не сталкивалась с физическим барьером в гонках

Test-pilot Sauber Tatiana Calderon did not agree with the opinion of Carmen Chords that F1 is too demanding to the physical form, and better girls to be in electric series Formula E.

Carmen Chord hastened to make excuses for my statement about the pilots

“Yes, I have never driven the car of Formula E and do not know how it is difficult or easy, calderón said in an interview with El Mundo Deportivo. But personally I never felt the presence of a physical barrier, although it is obvious that men and women are different – we have less muscle mass. But I’ve practiced a lot, to compensate.

Jenson button: Carmen, ask Danica Patrick what is needed for the girls in the race!

Susie Wolff has proven the absence of a physical barrier. I hope I will be able to demonstrate that we are able to deal with men.

Don’t see the point in a separate women’s championship and want to be the next girl in Formula 1″.

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