Stoffel Vandorn I’m not worried about reliability MCL33

Стоффель Вандорн: Я не беспокоюсь за надежность MCL33

Racer McLaren Stoffel Vandorn sees no reason for concern after a difficult second week of pre-season tests in Barcelona.

The Belgian and his teammate Fernando Alonso lost time due to technical problems.

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“Do you worry much? No, no! – Vandorn said in an interview with La Dernière Heure. – Yes, we lost time due to some minor technical issues but overall the new car looks great.

We are pleased with Fernando, though, and understand that there is nothing to add. I’m sure the Grand Prix of Australia we’ll be in great shape.

Pay attention to the lap time on the tests is not necessary. This year on the track in Barcelona was laid new asphalt, which further complicates the comparison. Settings with which we worked, had nothing to do with the fact that we will have during the race weekend.

In addition, many simply hid their potential.”

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