Sebastian Vettel will present the name of his new chassis in Melbourne

Себастьян Феттель представит имя своего нового шасси в Мельбурне

Racer Ferrari traditionally give names to their cars before the start of the season.

In Melbourne, where on March 25 will start the next championship Grand Prix, the German will present the name of its new car with an index SF71H.

“It just happened, I didn’t plan anything like that,” commented Vettel his habit of giving the chassis a name.

Last year machine four-time world champion was named Gina – reduced from Regina, which translates from Latin as the Queen.

Himself Sebastian said his last year’s choice: “I don’t know, we just thought it was a beautiful name.”

The names of all the cars of Sebastian Vettel:
Toro Rosso 2008: Julia
Red Bull Racing 2009: Kate
Red Bull Racing 2010: Luscious Liz, Randy Mandy
Red Bull Racing 2011: Curvy Kylie
Red Bull Racing 2012: Abby
Red Bull Racing 2013: Hungry Heidi
Red Bull Racing 2014: Susie
Ferrari 2015: Eva
Ferrari 2016: Margarita
Ferrari 2017: Gina

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