Robert Kubica: the Modern Formula 1 drivers lazy

Роберт Кубица: Современные гонщики Формулы 1 обленились

Third and reserve driver Williams Robert Kubica has criticized some aspects of Formula 1, comparing the current age with the years 2006-2011, when he competed in the Grand Prix.

“The first thing that really felt the large weight. Machine weight at least 60 kg, – said Kubica in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport. In slow turns the cumbersome as bus, and at fast change of direction it lacks maneuverability.

Because of the peculiarities of tyres is impossible to attack constantly, you need to monitor the condition of the rubber. Today it is impossible to give the race a series of qualifying rounds, because they have to conserve tyres and engine.

The whole course of the race is before you start and you need to strictly follow this plan, because otherwise the tires will begin to wear out faster. Me [during the performances in the Grand Prix] no one ever said when and where to brake and what is the twist you can drive faster.

I do not think that the case in the complexity of modern machines. Perhaps in our time the riders a little lazy. I just don’t see the real reasons for instructions from the command bridge. A good racer needs to be in control themselves.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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