Robert Kubica: Forget about comparing my lap times with Sirotkina!

Роберт Кубица: Забудьте о сравнении моего времени круга с Сироткиным!

Third and reserve driver Williams Robert Kubica has urged fans to refrain from comparisons with Sergei Sirotkina.

On Tuesday on the tests in Barcelona pole drove 0.3 seconds faster than the Russian rookie Formula 1, but it is assured, that to draw any conclusions simply inappropriate.

“We should not compare our times – said Kubica in an interview – I understand that in the first place, all looking at it. After the tests in Abu Dhabi were a lot of comments about how if I ran half a second, and it is at least strange. In fact, the lap time does not matter.

Now I have another [third and reserve driver], which is simply inappropriate to talk about the results. My goal is to help the team in the development of machines and provide qualitative feedback.

I even have a different work schedule compared to military pilots. I do not leave the circuit in the hotel only because it is necessary to relax and unwind. I can only stay until midnight and in the morning at 7:20 already to be back on the track. Of course, we have to keep some balance, because I can’t get behind the wheel tired and nscontenttreeowner. But I have a different way of life.

Sergey Sirotkin will give way to the cockpit in three Friday practice

I’m going to be on the free races during the season, which I have to assess the pace of development of the machine. Yes, I also have scheduled tests during the season, but again, the time of the circle will be forgotten. Sometimes between races there will be a pause of three months for which the car will change dramatically, so again will have to get used to.

Even if you hear some comments with comparisons, you still must be careful with their conclusions. I have nothing to lose and win, I have another job”.

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