Released a new biographical book about Gilles Villeneuve in the photos

Вышла новая биографическая книга о Жиле Вильнёве в фотографиях

“Wow, Gilles! Villeneuve. The immortal legend”. Under this title was published a new biographical book about the famous canadian driver Gilles Villeneuve, built in the images of the legendary Italian photographer Ercole Colombo.

The book has 208 pages with colorful illustrations and comments by the journalist Giorgio Terruzzi. The narrative begins with the early years of Gilles, when he drove a snowmobile, but very quickly spread to the career of canadian Formula 1 which began in 1977, and tragically ended after five years.

It seems that you can trace the history of the riders and understand something about his style of piloting is impossible for only one photo, but not in the case of works Colombo. In many of the photos (like the cover) machine Gilles literally seeks to break outside of the racing surface, but the pilot doesn’t give her the slightest chance to go out of control.

Original title of the book is “Wow Gilles! Villeneuve. The Undying Legend”, and the price is around $ 50.

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