Paddy Lowe called for weight loss Formula 1 cars

Пэдди Лоу ратует за снижение веса машин Формулы 1

Williams technical Director paddy Lowe called for a rejection of the trend of constant increase in the weight of Formula 1 cars.

Implementation of the protection design of the cockpit “halo” has led to the increase in the minimum weight limits of the chassis 6 kg – up to 734 kg. Is as much as 139 kg more compared with the requirements of a decade ago. Lowe believes that this process must be stopped.

“Over the past ten years, the weight of F1 cars has significantly increased – quoted by paddy – If the Big Prizes is a sprint, then the machine should be very easy as for qualifying and for the race.

Half an hour and 300 km is quite a bit. So we are not endurance racing, and weight is rapidly approaching their standards.

It is important to design machines, shocking. We have sports and show, so the chassis needs to please the fans and be very fast.

Limits must be present, since it contributes to a more tight racing. But at the same time the car should be different, should capture the imagination of their appearance, sound and speed in the turns. The lap times are falling constantly, the power plant is growing, and it’s great. But in relation to the weight of the chassis is something you need to do.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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