Jean Todt Formula 1 Drivers have asked about head protection

Жан Тодт: Гонщики Формулы 1 сами попросили о защите головы

The FIA President Jean Todt for a week and a half before the first race of Formula 1 with the protection system cockpit “halo” once again responded to the criticism that continues to plague the International automobile Federation.

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“What we all have short memories, because it was done at the request of the racers, – quotes the Todt edition F1i. – 16 Dec 2015 I received a letter signed by the Directors of the GPDA Jenson Button, Sebastian Vettel and Alex Wurzel, with an appeal to do something to protect the head of the pilots. I said, “Okay, we’ll listen to you.”

We immediately turned to our technical team, asking him to explore possible solutions. But before the meeting with the riders, held on 27 July 2016, those who knew about our plans, said: “do Not show weakness, we asked you to take care of security.” As a result, we have committed and encouraged to pay attention to this issue.

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So now I am surprised at all this criticism. I love Formula 1, but I hate it when people don’t keep their word. We respected their request, but some forgot about it, and now we got what we got”.

In addition to riders, the introduction of “halo” dissatisfied and team leaders. In particular, the boss of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff said that if he had a chainsaw, he’d just sawed off this design.

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“I’m not even going to comment on. It’s just kindergarten, – continued the President of the FIA. – Constructive criticism is always good, because it helps to strive for the best. But public criticism against the sport, there is nothing useful.

I am surprised by statements that the racing needs to be dangerous. If we can avoid an accident, then shouldn’t you take action?

It is human nature to resist change, but what would happen if something bad, which could have been avoided with “a halo?”

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