James Allen Daniel ricciardo is better to leave Red Bull

Джеймс Аллен: Даниэлю Риккардо лучше уйти из Red Bull

The famous Explorer, Formula 1 James Allen believes that Daniel ricciardo had to leave Red Bull Racing at the end of season 2018.

Australian contract with the team ends at the end of this year, and in April, the parties plan to begin negotiations. But whether a new agreement has been signed is still a big question. According to Allen, it makes sense to stay at RBR, ricciardo no, because the future of the team for max Verstappen.

Daniel ricciardo Talks on a new contract with Red Bull will start in April

“I think Daniel will be very hard to beat Verstappen, speaking with him in the team. Therefore, even if the new machine Red Bull Racing will be competitive and will win the race, he will still have to go for further development of your career. Unless, of course, only Riccardo can’t find a way to get ahead of teammate, as did Nico Rosberg with Lewis Hamilton in 2016. But looking at a few of the pilots of Red Bull, there is no feeling that Daniel will succeed. Most likely, it will be the opposite, writes Allen in his blog. – At the end of 2018 can appear vacancies at Mercedes and Ferrari, with whom in the past ricciardo has already been in contact with.

Another option is McLaren, given the good relationship Daniel with Zach brown. The problem is that in the next two to three years he wants to fight for the championship, and he has priority. However, in the McLaren, ricciardo risked in such a situation, as Fernando Alonso – in the arena of the young, and he never will get a competitive car.”

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