Hamilton: Why do they always re-make the asphalt? A waste of money!

Хэмилтон: Зачем они везде перестилают асфальт? Пустая трата денег!

Reigning world champion Lewis Hamilton admitted he did not understand why on most tracks constantly re-make the roadbed. In his opinion, it is a waste of money.

Before the official tests of Formula 1 in Barcelona also changed the track that not everyone liked.

“I can’t understand why they do it, why keep changing the roadbed. It is empty expenditure, – quotes the British Express.co.uk. – The older the pavement, the more it is their nature. If everything is constantly changing, the trails do not have their highlights, like Barcelona for example.

I always compare it to home. The new house is not his character, but if you buy an old house, you can feel its history, features.

I like the route the old road. Briefings pilots often complain about the bumps, but those bumps can break and can slow down outside of the trajectory. But you can configure the machine differently.

If everything everywhere is replaced, there will be only twists, but the character will disappear.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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