Fittipaldi: Alonso and McLaren can compete for the title in the season-2018

Фиттипальди: Алонсо и McLaren могут побороться за титул в сезоне-2018

Two-time world champion of Formula 1 Emerson Fittipaldi believes that the progress of McLaren in the season of 2018 will depend on engine suppliers Renault.

According to the legendary Brazilian, questions to the competitiveness of the chassis from Woking and the talent of Fernando Alonso can not be.

Nigel Mansell, Alonso realized that in the upcoming season of F1 he did not Shine

“We need to wait for the first race of the season, but if the Renault engine will be competitive, McLaren can join in the fight for high positions, because they have a really good chassis, said Fittipaldi in an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca.

It’s always difficult to put it all together, but I think that the McLaren is able to compete with Mercedes and Ferrari, but Fernando Alonso is able to again become a world champion.”

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