Fernando Alonso: I am a very ordinary person…

Фернандо Алонсо: Я совершенно обычный человек...

Racer McLaren-Renault’s Fernando Alonso told about himself and his life, focusing on the fact that he is an ordinary man living an ordinary life.

“The Foundation of my life is my family,’ said the Spaniard in an interview with Bild. I share with them, tell them about their experiences, aspirations and goals for the future. I have nothing in life to do without discussing it with his family.

I travel a lot but always try to find time to call them before and after the flight, regardless of time zones. We communicate via Skype.

You know, I am a very ordinary man, an ordinary man, an ordinary man. I know, how much is a bottle of milk in the supermarket in Lugano where I live. I also love to cook and going to the cinema.

When you are a pilot of Formula 1 all around trying to please you, whether it’s sponsors or teams. But the rest of the time I book flights and comparing prices. I care about the money. In normal life I used to solve my problems myself.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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