Eric bulge McLaren forgot how to build good racing cars

Эрик Булье: McLaren не забыла, как строить хорошие гоночные автомобили

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that the team will deal with technical problems that occurred in the pre-season tests and during the season of 2018 will prove that you have not forgotten how to build competitive cars.

Fernando Alonso: McLaren has not disclosed all their cards on the pre-season tests

“We had some problems with insufficient training. In the winter we had a lot of work, a couple of times we fell behind, but then everything should be OK, – quotes the words of the bulge the German edition of Motorsport-Total. – Of course, it is impossible to be sure at 100% to solving problems. Than less testing, the higher the risk of breakage in the race. In Barcelona we have constantly had problems of a different nature. But the Grand Prix of Australia we update the car, that should help.

The starting grid of the Grand Prix of Australia-2018 from Leo Turrini

Our goal is to return to McLaren for their legitimate positions. Overnight, it will happen on our way will be obstacles. But we are ambitious and brave enough to take on certain risks. Our team has not forgotten how to build good cars, and hopefully soon we will prove it on the track.

I don’t know what result can count McLaren in Melbourne. But I can say that the pre-season tests we have never been close to the limit of the capabilities of the new machine.”

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