Carmen Chord hastened to make excuses for my statement about the pilots

Кармен Хорда поспешила оправдаться за свое заявление о пилотессах

Former racer for the development of Lotus and Renault Carmen Chord recently stated that Formula 1 is very demanding from the point of view of physical strength, noting that girls are better and easier it will be limited to smaller racing series.

Carmen Chord: Formula E is more suited to girls than F1, it is easier

This statement provoked a sharp response from the women’s racing community. Not remained indifferent and ex-pilot F1 world champion Jenson button.

Jenson button: Carmen, ask Danica Patrick what is needed for the girls in the race!

After that, the Spaniard hastened to clarify what she meant.

“On Saturday, after tests in Formula E, I was being interviewed and a journalist asked me to compare the superiority of electric cars with Great Prizes, specifically he was interested in the physical requirements of the machines from the point of view of the girl, and the beginning of Carmen. – Given that I have the experience of piloting both machines, I said that the chassis of Formula E is easier to manage because of less downforce.

I also mentioned that in modern Formula 1 girls will be very hard physically, which caused an uproar. I apologize if my comments seemed to someone insulting. I don’t speak for everybody, this is my own experience. I never told the girls to be in F1 and not saying that they will not be able to do so. I answered a specific question.

I hasten to congratulate Tatiana Calderon with the position of test driver at Sauber! I hope that she will become the first female driver in F1 for the last 41 years.

And congratulations to all the women, relevant to Motorsport, with International women’s day!”

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