Teams unable to agree about rescheduling the pre-season tests

Команды не смогли договориться об изменении графика предсезонных тестов

Schedule pre-season tests Formula 1 will remain unchanged, despite the challenges that have prepared teams weather this week, reports Sky Sports F1.

It was proposed to postpone the date for Friday, Sunday or next Monday when you really should grow warmer. But this would have the unanimous agreement of all ten teams is the only way to change the calendar approved by the FIA tests.

The start of the third day of testing in Barcelona postponed indefinitely due to snow

“I think the two teams don’t want to change anything,” commented race Director McLaren Eric bulge.

Williams doesn’t want to give up my day of shooting under tests

Apparently, we are talking about Williams and Ferrari, which on Friday and Saturday rented the track in Barcelona for the filming day.

“It’s just ego and a waste of money – continued bulge. – We all need these eight days of tests to properly prepare for the season, deciding problems with the reliability and other issues. To come here costs money, and in any case the track is booked for two weeks, so we should be able to migrate one day. We all know that on Sunday the weather should improve”.

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