Zach brown: newgarden’s and Dixon deserve a place in Formula 1

Зак Браун: Ньюгарден и Диксон заслуживают места в Формуле 1

Executive Director of McLaren Zach brown did not agree with the opinion of the head of Haas Guenter Steiner that in the United States no riders are ready to participate in Formula 1.

According to American businessman, Champions series Joseph newgarden’s IndyCar and the Scott Dixon – great pilots, but they have no opportunity to break into the Big Prizes.

“How can you drop riders of their nationality?” In the US offended by the Haas team

“In my opinion, newgarden’s and Dixon is a very talented racers, – quotes the brown edition F1i. – The main problem – the lack of tests. Given that in the offseason, teams have only eight days, it is impractical to deprive riders fighting for the chance to work on the track. In such conditions the pilots of the other categories is very hard to get into Formula 1.

It’s great that Toro Rosso decided to take a risk and invited Brandon Hartley of WEC. But he at least knows most of the tracks in the calendar.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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