Video: Kimi Raikkonen left the race a challenge to the drone in the snowy Alps

Видео: Кими Райкконен бросил гоночный вызов беспилотнику в заснеженных Альпах

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen took part in an impromptu race with a drone, organized producer of fuels and lubricants Shell is a perennial sponsor.

For such an unusual racing Shell paved a small road in the Swiss Alps. 38-year-old veteran of Formula 1 needed rally skills when he was driving a cart on the snowy race tracks.

In any case, an impromptu race was very entertaining.

In addition, check also available for viewing with an onboard 360° camera mounted on the map Finn.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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