Toto Wolff defended the methods of leadership of the President of Ferrari

Тото Вольф встал на защиту методов руководства президента Ferrari

Mercedes Motorsport boss Toto Wolff believes that we should not criticize the methods of the President of Ferrari Sergio Marchione.

In the course of last season, the head of the Italian company has often expressed dissatisfaction with the performances of Kimi Raikkonen, and after a series of reliability issues in the early autumn rebuked the team. In the end even got to Vettel, who, according to Marchione, was sometimes overly emotional, as in the incident with Lewis Hamilton in Baku.

“Pressure can both help and seriously hurt, – quotes the edition of Wolff Motorsport-Total. – Sergio Marchione is one of the most successful and intelligent business people I have ever met in my life. Obviously, the approach used in the Ferrari works. I think, too hasty to say that they failed the final part of last season due to too much pressure.”

However, the Austrian admitted that Mercedes uses a different philosophy.

“In fact, it’s human nature to look for scapegoats, he explained. But this can lead to too high pressure. We do everything we can to prevent such a scenario. Starting to doubt yourself, people are deprived of creativity. In this environment, nobody wants to risk and our business risk”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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