Sirotkin: the Contract with Williams was attracted to me the attention of the press

Сироткин: Контракт с Williams привлек ко мне внимание прессы

Sergey Sirotkin flattered by the increased media attention to his person after signing the contract with Williams.

Sergey Sirotkin decided on a regular room

“It’s clear that too much stress. Attention is something quite different, – said rosiyanin. But talking to journalists is large and important part of our work, we have done it and will continue to do so. Anyway, any pilot loves to ride more than an interview. It’s morally easier and works better.”

Sergey Sirotkin: Robert Kubica is a fast, competent rider and a good guy

When Sergei asked with whom of the pilots he maintains friendly relations, he said: “With many. Don’t want to single anyone out because, surprisingly, the paddock is very likable.

Enclosed image is only on the surface. When you get inside, most of the riders are very open.”

At the end of the conversation the journalists wished to Sergei as soon as possible to be on the podium, he said, “Yes, I also want. And win points and a lot to gain.

But objectively we can not speak, because do not know where we will be on the teams. The balance of power [in the peloton] is still unknown”.

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