Seven interesting facts about Michael Schumacher

Семь интересных фактов о Михаэле Шумахере

Wednesday, January 3, sevenfold world champion of Formula 1 Michael Schumacher turns 49.

Unfortunately, the fourth year fans of legendary racer meet his birthday in the dark about what happened to him. The tragedy in the ski resort of Meribel in late 2013 shared a life Schumacher “before” and “after”. But not about this today. Let’s just remember about what was and still is the man, and wish him not to give up and to keep fighting.

“We never give up. Need to fight, even if there are minimal chances”, he once said Schumacher.

Well, in honor of the 49 birthday of the legendary riders we offer to your attention a selection of interesting and little-known facts from the German edition of Motorsport-Magazin.

Completed a course of training of parachutists

Michael Schumacher always liked extreme sports, including parachuting. He even had a license Springer, resolution of single jumps. At the end of 2012, Michael and his wife Corinna have jumped out of a plane over Dubai. But if the wife of the legendary racer made the jump with an instructor, Schumacher has done that without help.

Not only a racer, but the player

Michael Schumacher is a big fan of football. Over the years the passion for this sport and he has assembled a collection of over one hundred pairs of boots. The German himself was not opposed to go on the field and at home in Switzerland even played for several Amateur football clubs, such as “Echichens” and “Obon”. Very often, Michael went on the field in a charity match.

Семь интересных фактов о Михаэле Шумахере

Starred in the movie

Michael Schumacher appeared in a cameo role in the French Comedy “Asterix at the Olympic games”, released in 2008. “The red Baron” appeared in the form of the driver of the red car and, of course, the plot won. The cavalry was led by Jean Todt, with whom Schumacher worked with Ferrari for the past ten years.

Had a connection with the database of Ferrari right from home

In the Ferrari team for which Michael Schumacher competed from 1996 to 2006, everything revolves around him. The German racer was dedicated to all the smallest details of the work of the Scuderia and from his home on lake Geneva in Switzerland had direct access to all data which could obtain at any time.

Семь интересных фактов о Михаэле Шумахере

Developed by supercar

After the first complete racing career Schumacher three years worked at Ferrari as a consultant and participated in the development of the supercar California. He was involved in the project from the beginning, worked with engineers, technicians, drivers test and personally conducted the final tests of the new machine.

Семь интересных фактов о Михаэле Шумахере

First racing licence in Luxembourg

Early in his career Michael Schumacher was under a Luxembourg license. Primarily, this was due to the fact that in Germany he could obtain permission to participate in the race in only 14 years, whereas in Luxembourg – 12. Moreover, such a license was cheaper and required less roll in karting.

Семь интересных фактов о Михаэле Шумахере

Always sat in a racing car on the left side

Michael Schumacher has consistently sat in the cockpit of a Formula 1 car on the left side. But it was not only his ritual before the race: a mandatory part of his schedule in the years racing career has always been a short afternoon NAP.

Семь интересных фактов о Михаэле Шумахере

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