Sergey Sirotkin: Robert Kubica is a fast, competent rider and a good guy

Сергей Сироткин: Роберт Кубица – быстрый, грамотный гонщик и хороший парень

At a joint press conference of the program of development of Russian Motorsport and SMP Racing Williams Martini Racing in Moscow Sergey Sirotkin spoke about the cooperation with Robert Kubica and lance Strolla, about the expectations for the season and much more.

About Kubica and Strolle: “as for Robert, he’s a very nice guy, pleasure to work with him. It’s incredibly fast, he also is very well versed in the nuances of the machine, the settings. To have such a person in the team who, working a little bit will help me and the team is a huge plus. It has character and charisma.

Lance has already spent a season in Formula 1, and hence I will be able to learn a lot, try to avoid errors that are typical for beginners. In General, we have a great team.”

About the expectations for the season-2018: “I know that in my forces, I also know their weaknesses and their limits, so I should always do my best so that nobody could say in my address that I’m not doing a good job. Yes, not all the tracks will be familiar, but, for example, in GP2 there’s only a half an hour to adapt, and in F1 practice three and four hours of driving. I’m sure you’ll manage”.

About his potential move to England: “of Course, have to spend a lot of time in England to be with the team. The work plan is very impressive, and I approach this as a new step in my life. I am ready to work every day to achieve maximum results. But specifically, I still can’t say anything because we are just starting to think about everyday things”.

About the weight the day before the pre-season tests: “I’m not the only one – a big man. With weight we, of course, struggling from day to day from workout to workout. Some specific numbers, we are not yet called, but I know that I am lighter companion.”

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