Ross brown: the Integration of “halo” will be improved in 2021

Росс Браун: Интеграция «ореола» будет улучшена в 2021 году

Sports Director Ross Brawn has promised that in the medium term, a Formula 1 car will look sensational.

In the new season, fans will have to get used to a new kind of car, given the appearance are not very beautiful solutions “halo” is designed to protect the head of the rider.

Brown did not go into details, but said that the new regulation which will come into effect in 2021, implies a more aesthetic appearance protective structure.

“Machines will look sensational. We already have several ready-made solutions. For example, we did a great job on the integration of “halo,” said Ross in an interview with Sky Sports F1. – Appearance of cars plays a very important role, although, of course, the key point – the entertainment races”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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