Nico Rosberg losing Weight helped me to win the title

Нико Росберг: Похудение помогло мне выиграть чемпионский титул

Former Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg revealed the secret that helped him win the 2016 Championships.

The German admitted that one of the factors of his success was weight. In particular, it helped him to win qualifying and the race at Suzuka during a crucial stage of the season.

“The weight of the rider was critical, because in 2016, the Mercedes car was above minimum weight, said Rosberg in an interview with the BBC. – One kilogram is four hundredths of a second per lap, that’s actually quite a lot. Minus two extra pounds meant winning almost one-tenth.

Had the extra weight. I realized that I need to lose weight, and stopped to ride the bike to clean muscle mass in the thighs. By the summer I managed to lose weight.

Then there was the Grand Prix of Japan. Early in the qualification Lewis was faster, but in the course of the last attempt in the finals I beat him three hundredths of a second. That’s it!”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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