Mercedes wants to return to the F1 active suspension

В Mercedes хотят вернуть в Ф1 активную подвеску

Mercedes believe that it is necessary to return to the Big Prizes the use of active suspension. This message appeared after the news that Red Bull in the future will have to abandon its clever system of reducing ground clearance of the chassis in turns.

F1 technical team discussed the situation and came to two possible options. The first is to return to a simple sling on the shock absorbers and springs, and the second in the resurrection of active suspension, from which F1 was abandoned in 1993.

It is assumed that the champion team made in the second paragraph.

“This is a much cheaper option – said in an interview with Auto Motor und Sport, one of the Mercedes engineers. – Can one develop a suspension and forget about it. It will save millions of euros a year, and we will no longer be grey areas in the rules.

Besides, the FIA will be easier to control the situation, and overtake will be easier due to the fact that it will be possible to configure the chassis for optimal testing of turbulence”.

It is also considered that Ferrari were against the return of active suspension.

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