Max Verstappen is Unlikely to ever sit behind the wheel of the historic vehicle

Макс Ферстаппен: Вряд ли когда-нибудь сяду за руль исторического автомобиля

Max Verstappen admitted that he has no desire to one day sit behind the wheel of one of the historical cars of Formula 1.

As explained 20-year-old driver of Red Bull Racing, old cars no impression on him.

“I learned about the history of F1 not so long ago,’ said Max in an interview with the Sportport on Dutch Ziggo TV channel Sport, when the presenter showed pictures of the world champion 1963 and 1965 Jim Clark driving a Lotus. I know the names of the racers of those times, but the cars honestly, I think is not too interesting.

Hardly ever say, “Oh, I would like to drive this car”. It’s an old and slow machine, moreover, with tires with tread. This car does not seem difficult to manage. Of course, piloting any race car to the limit is a big challenge. But I have no such desire”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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