Mark Webber: For success in the Junior series enough pure speed in F1 – no

Марк Уэббер: Для успеха в младших сериях достаточно чистой скорости, в Ф1 - нет

Former Formula 1 driver mark Webber has called the reasons why young drivers are often unable to develop the “Big prizes” the success in the Junior series.

According to the Australian youth Championships are not given all the knowledge and experience needed to work in the F1 team.

“We have seen many times, as a racer who shone in the youth series, achieves nothing in Formula 1, – quotes Webber’s edition of Speed Week. – F1 can be compared with a “Michelin” restaurant, where the chef should be good in all to understand and to be able to cook a variety of dishes. These things come with experience. In the Junior series, it is sufficient to know one or two of the recipe: if you are talented, you can succeed, and no longer need. In F1 it is important to be fully prepared and learn how to work with the team.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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