Mario Isola: Ferrari not kidding when it threatens to leave F1

Марио Изола: Ferrari не шутит, когда угрожает покинуть Ф1

The head of the Motorsport Department of Pirelli’s Mario Isola believes that CEO of Fiat Chrysler Sergio Marchione is seriously considering the option of leaving Ferrari out of F1, despite the fact that some perceive the threat as a bluff.

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“Ferrari not kidding in saying such things. They take the situation very seriously, ‘ said Isola in the comments – I hope that they [the leadership of F1 and Ferrari] will be able to establish a dialogue and come up with a solution that would meet the interests of both parties.

Formula 1 is not beneficial to lose Ferrari. And Ferrari, in turn, is not beneficial to leave Formula 1. Such a development will play into the hands of anyone.”

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